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Set in eighteenth-century London, England, this fictional novel touches on the life of the upper crust and those who served them. As they both come together, foolish choices and harrowing consequences take two women - one an aristocrat and the other her servant - into a storm of trial, scorn, and tribulation.

Stripped of title, recognition, and value, one wonders who the heroine really is, Catherine or Betsy? Catherine repeatedly asks, “How will Edward find us?” A twisted and perverse judge condemns these two women to the Australian colonies.

When everything about her life and station no longer has meaning, tears flow for Catherine. What has she done? Her foolishness has brought shame both on herself and on her dearest friend, Betsy. How can she go on if they are parted? As Betsy looks back in time, her memories share love, concern, and deep anxiety. As she looks forward she questions, “Am I worthy of kindness above my station?”

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About the Author

I grew up in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia where I attended Ballarat and Clarendon College. Several decades later I graduated from the University of Ballarat with a degree in Professional Writing and Editing. I enjoyed this immensely. Over the course of time, I have written several short stories, though Betsy and Catherine is my first book of this length.

I have always had a passion for writing and enjoy having the time to do so. I enjoy English history and literature. I have a deep interest in both my Australian and English ancestors. Offering words crafted in my more mature years, I am happily married and currently live in Tucson, Arizona with my husband. I have two sons and one grandson living in Australia. I love them dearly.


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